EDA group has a long-term experience in the field of bioinformatics. More specifically, our research focuses on the design and development of SW and HW-SW solutions for the automated management, analysis and interpretation of complex biological and medical data from various sources.

Our latest activities include but they are not limited to: (i) gene expression data analysis, with special regards to the design of data mining techniques supporting the definition of molecular targets for novel personalized therapies; (ii) reconstruction and analysis of gene and biochemical regulatory networks; (ii) analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data, aimed at identifying genetic abnormalities related to diseases (e.g. cancer); (iii) design and development of image processing and pattern recognition techniques for the analysis of biological and medical images; (iv) enhancement and acceleration of bioinformatics algorithms on HW accelerators (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs); (v) neuromorphic computing on massively parallel computer architectures taking inspiration by structural and functional properties of the human brain.

Given the inherently interdisciplinary nature of our research, our activities benefit from the interaction with experts of different fields, such as biologists, physicists, medical doctors, mathematicians and statisticians. Furthermore, we maintain strong links with hospitals and medical research centers.


  • High-throughput data mining for biomedical applications, classification and clustering
  • Algorithms for clinical functional genomics and gene expression analysis
  • Biological and molecular image analysis
  • Image processing applied to quantitative immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy imaging
  • Design of image processing techniques for medical images (US, PET and MRI)
  • Biological systems modeling
  • Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition techniques
  • Reconstruction and analysis of regulatory gene and biochemical networks
  • Temporal modeling of gene pathways activity
  • Biological text mining
  • Algorithms for molecular dynamics applications
  • Gene Fusions Detection and Prioritization
  • BCR and TCR clonality assessment
  • miRNAs and isoforms detection and quantification
  • Design and optimization of Sequence Alignment Algorithms
  • Design of HW accelerators for bioinformatics algorithms
  • Neuromorphic computing

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