The EDA group undertakes research and development in the field of Design Automation for standard digital CMOS ICs, Beyond-CMOS circuits and Electrical Energy Systems. Concerning standard CMOS technologies, the main activities include computer-aided design (CAD) algorithms methodologies and prototype tools for low-power and variation tolerant Integrated Circuits, with particular emphasis on logical- and physical-synthesis. In the field of Beyond-CMOS technologies, the main focus is given to Graphene-based devices. Activities include, but are not limited to electrical modeling and circuit-level simulation of Graphene P-N junctions and Graphene Field-Effect-Transistors, with particular attention on integration and optimization strategies that can enable the implementation of flexible circuits with ultra low-power features. The work on Electrical Energy Systems (EES) finally completes the portfolio of the EDA group activities. EESs represents a new class of emerging embedded systems with hybrid power sources, like supercapacitors, Li-ion and lead-acid batteries, solar cells and energy scavengers integrated together. For such kind of systems optimal charge allocation/distribution/recycling policies have become a need more than an optional. The work run on EESs includes system-level simulation frameworks based on open-source languages/standards and algorithms for run-time management of charge distribution and thermal control of energy storage devices.


  • Low-power Design Techniques and Implementation Strategies
  • Power Modeling, Estimation and Optimization
  • Thermal-Aware and PV-tolerant Design Solutions
  • Design Techniques for Mitigating Aging Effects
  • Modeling and Estimation of Indirect Metrics: Temperature, Aging
  • System-Level, Behavioral-Level and RTL Synthesis
  • Layout-Driven Synthesis and Physical Design
  • Logic Synthesis and Optimization
  • Battery Modeling, Design and Management for Mobile Systems
  • Cyber-Physical Energy Systems
  • Electrical Modeling and Simulation of Graphene-based Devices
  • Implementation Strategies of Graphene-based Flexible Circuits
  • Ultra-low Power Solution for Graphene-based Flexible Circuits
  • Logic Synthesis Algorithms for Graphene-based Flexible Circuits

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