miREE is an ensemble of two parts with integrated roles in the prediction an Ab-initio module followed by an SVM module (machine learning technique)

Related Applications

Ab Initio:
miranda,targetscan, Pictar

Machine learning:
Targetboost, miTarget, ensemble algorithm, NBmiRTar, miRtarget2, miRTif, Targetminer,

microRNA sequences
mRNA sequences
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miRNA experimental records :
miRecords Tarbase


Use miREE to make your microRNA target predictions

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Use the Genetic Algorithm to obtain the Candidate binding sites for a microRNA

Use miREE to make your predictions

Select training set for the machine learning part

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You can train the machine learning module

If you want to use your own dataset to make the training of the machine learning part

Please upload a file in this format for the input training data set

When the file is uploaded then select train

Predictions for : Homo Sapiens

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If you want to make predictions on other species go to the respective page

* Caenorhabditis elegans

* Mus Musculus